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Too good to be true? Not if you’re using water beads! You’ve reached the right place if you are looking for a unique alternative to watering plants and flowers. Our beads keep arrangements moist and lightly watered in an array of available colors. Maintaining your floral and plant décor has never been easier!

What are Water Beads?

They are basically non-toxic, water absorbing polymers that expand in size to resemble glass marbles. Other names for this versatile product include water pearls, water gems, aqua gems and crystal soil. The science behind these beads originated with commercial applications for the prevention of soil erosion. The beads would help absorb excess rainfall and reduce runoff. The same polymer compound is now used to manufacture diapers as well as liners for meat packaging. It is also used for landscaping installations in dryer climates.

Starting out as tiny granules that are only several millimeters in diameter, the beads soak up approximately 100 times their weight in water as they expand. The final diameter for regular size beads is about 5/8”. The water absorbed is then gradually released as the beads begin to shrink back to their original size. You can allow them to fully dehydrate to their initial form, or continue to add water to maintain full size.

Use for House Plants

Want to spruce up the potted plants around your home? How about a nice pop of color? You’ll need water beads to do the trick.

Remove and rinse any soil from your plant and place it in the container of your choice, making sure that the roots touch the bottom. Fill the container as desired with beads, then add enough water to cover no more than 1 inch of the bottom.

Keep an eye on them at regular intervals to ensure their size is being maintained. The beads at the top will shrink the fastest and can be rehydrated simply by adding water to the container. Be sure to drain off excess water as needed. Water beads are fully reusable!

Use for Flowers

Flowers can also be kept fresh using much of the same process. Cut the stems of the flowers at a 45-degree angle, ensuring that they touch the bottom of the vase. Fill with water beads as instructed for plants, making sure that a base of water no more than an inch is used for the bottom. Whether you use our beads for plants or flowers, we recommend emptying them every 30 days to remove any bacteria. Be sure to thoroughly rinse them before reapplying them to your container or vase.

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Your plant and flower creations will only be as good as the vase filler products used. At Rainbow Water Beads we offer only high quality items with superior packaging, knowledgeable and trustworthy service, and a 14 day guarantee. Try a few packets of our beads and see the difference for yourself. We also offer FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! YES! Feel free to contact us if we can be of additional help.

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See why water beads are one of today’s most unique products!

Water beads are ideal for wedding centerpieces, home décor and even preschool child development.


About Our Water Beads

Decorative, fun, educational and so much more - water beads are many things! Initially popular as vase fillers for flower arrangements, they have become a truly versatile product that can also be used for child development, in the creation of air fresheners and as refills for commercial toy products.



Just add them to water and watch as they grow from tiny pellets to resemble glass marbles. The beads are made from polyacrylamide which allows them to absorb, store and release water to keep plants and flowers moist. This same compound is also used to control soil erosion, retain moisture in landscaping installations and manufacture diapers.


The most common application for water beads is in the creation of centerpiece arrangements for wedding receptions. They offer a great option for vase filling since they are softer and lighter than marbles or glass beads, plus they come in an array of different colors and are reusable. Arrangements can be made with a single color or with multiple ones that are mixed or layered. Our beads not only offer a decorative splash of color, but they also add functionality to centerpieces by holding flowers in place. And should your vase get knocked over you won't have to worry about water pouring all over the floor or other surfaces.


Another use that has become increasingly popular is to utilize water beads in sensory applications for preschool activities. Children learn from touching, sorting and seeing the beads in sensory tables and other ways. Exercises in color recognition, hydration and texture recognition help expand the minds of preschool students.


Our product's versatility goes even further. Rather than pay full price for air fresheners like Renuzitä Crystal Elements, you can make your own at a fraction of the cost using water beads. After hydrating the beads just stir in a capful of concentrated fragrance oil (which can be purchased at a candle supply retailer). In addition to cost savings you will benefit from an almost unlimited combination of scents and colors, plus your air freshener can be used over and over.


There are several types of water beads - colorfast/non-colorfast and translucent/opaque. Non-colorfast beads use an external dye process that results in some of the dye bleeding. While this is usually less desirable because of the potential mess, virtually any shade of color can be made using the non-colorfast method. Colorfast ones require a more complex manufacturing process, resulting in a limited number of available colors. Our company sells only colorfast products and carries the widest array of colors online. With the exception of Black and White (which are opaque), all of our colors are translucent and produce a sparkling effect when light passes through.


Come inside our store and have a look around. You'll find the highest quality products at great savings, available in a wide selection of colors and package sizes. Our top rating from the Better Business Bureau assures our customers that they can count on us for a positive shopping experience, so feel free to contact us if you have questions about water beads and how to use them. Welcome!